Technical Programs with Hands-On

Substation Maintenance Insulation Power Factor with Hands-On

Get the training you need to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of your substation.

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Protective Relaying

Become adept in basic methodology, description, purpose and importance of protective relaying in the electric power system through hands-on simulation, calculation and interpretation.

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Electrical System Protection Coordination: A Technical and Hands-On Workshop on Electrical Design Combined With Protection Coordination

An important step in the design of any power distribution system is the time-current coordination of all overcurrent protective devices required for the protection of the system and the connected equipment. When a short circuit or an abnormal power flow occurs for a sustained period of time, the protective devices should react to isolate the […]

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Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) Competency Training

Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) tests has become a valuable tool for verifying the geometric integrity or the mechanical failure of electrical apparatus, such as, power transformers due to impact, short circuit faults, or movement of transformer windings.

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Technical Training Program in Cagayan De Oro


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Power Quality and Harmonics

Familiarize yourself with different power quality issues and perspectives.

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Thermal Imaging

Designed to provide you effective, competent and practical approach to infrared thermography.

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Why Train with PAMAV

  • We recognize that continuous education is a must for every professional. Realizing the need to bridge the gap between university learning and industry practice; we have developed a combination of outstanding training solutions and accomplished instructors to equip you with international-standard competence.