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I – Introduction of Participants II – Objectives

  1. Review Communication Basics
  2. Re-learn the do’s and don’ts when writing
  3. Learn about the Effective Thought Patterns used in Speeches
  4. Be able to practice using Effective Thought Patterns in delivering messages

III – WIIFM (What’s In It for Me)
IV – Communication Review 101 (Common Filipino Errors)

  1. Subject-Verb Agreement
  2. Prepositions
  3. Filipinisms
  4. Figures of Speech
  5. Other Common Errors

V. Written Communication

  1. A Complete Thought (Sentence Construction, Elements of a good message)
  2. Don’ts in Writing (Upper Lower Case, Writing Etiquette, Jargon etc)
  3. Spelling (Commonly Misspelled Words)
  4. Punctuations and Symbols
  1. Email and Business Letters
  2. Project Proposal and Technical Reports
  3. Incident Reports and System Issue Logs
  4. Tips on Effective PowerPoint Slides

Effective Communication Skills for the Technical Professional

VI – Speech Communication and Presentation

  1. Active Listening and Dyadic (One-on-one) Communication
    1. Let’s Chat (Active Listening in One-on-one Conversation)
    2. Empathy and Handling Difficult Conversations
    3. Speaking to Your People (How to Give Feedback)
  2. Elements of Speech Communication – Vocal Presentation (Understanding what they are and how to use them effectively – Each topic includes activities)
  3. Common Thought Patterns Used In Speech – Making a Point (Activity+Discussion)
    1. Past-Present-Future
    2. STAR (Situation-Task-Action-Result)
    3. PREP (Point-Reason-Example-Point)
  4. Assertiveness
    1. Getting Everyone’s Attention (Effective Hooks)
    2. The Faster the Better (Activity to Illustrate Adult Attention Span/Conciseness)
    3. What is My Point? (How to Communicate with Clarity)
    4. Who is Listening? (Tailor-fitting to your Audience)
    5. Thought Patterns (How Yours and Other’s Thought Patterns Affect Communication)

VI – Debrief and Practical Application: Impromptu Speech

  • May 15 to 16, 2017

Effective Presentation Skills

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