Designed to provide you effective, competent and practical approach to infrared thermography. We will cover concepts, applications and benefits of infrared technology and thermal images in electrical installations.

Course Highlights

Applications and benefits of infrared technology in electrical installations
Thermal Imaging Concepts
Practical interpretation of results, images, and targets
Practical approach to non-invasive maintenance
Experience what a thermal image can reveal
Practical application of thermal imaging

Who Should Attend

This course will enhance the understanding and increase competencies for:

  • Building Managers
  • Property Manager
  • Plant and Substation Maintenance
  • Maintenance Personnel

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More Info
  1. Definition:  What Is Infrared Thermography
    1. Why Is It Useful
    2. Applications
    3. Condition Based Monitoring
  2. The Infrared Camera Measurement Functions
    1. Level
    2. Span
    3. Isotherm
    4. Spot Meter
    5. Area Function
    6. Image Capture
  3. Basic Thermal Science
    1. Definition of Heat
    2. Heat as a form of Energy
    3. Temperature Vs. Heat
    4. Temperature Defined
    5. Units for Measuring Temperature
    6. How Cold Can It Get
    7. Absolute Temperature Scales
    8. Relative Temperature Scales
  4. Rules in Thermal Science
    1. Direction of Heat Flow
  5. Basic Heat Transfer
    1. Conduction
    2. Convection
    3. Evaporation / Condensation
    4. Radiation
      1. Radiation Heat Transfer
      2. Radiation Energy Exchange
      3. Black Body
      4. Real Targets
  6. Thermal Image Interpretations & Shooting Techniques
    1. High Emissivity
    2. Low Emissivity
    3. Thermal Gradient
    4. Thermal Analysis
    5. Thermal Tuning
    6. Isotherm
    7. Palettes
    8. Reflection Recognition
    9. Avoiding Spot Reflection
  7. Qualitative Analysis
  8. Quantitative Analysis
  9. Practicals
    1. Interpretation of actual results
    2. Presentation of reports
  • May 24, 2017
  • June 21, 2017
  • July 19, 2017

Vincent Jason Penalosa

Vincent Jason Penalosa also known as Jek received his certification ITC Level 1 thru Infrared Training Center of Sweden, Stockholm.

He has serviced projects, consultations and services for companies like TV5, Wyeth, US Embassy, Glaxo SmithKiline, PILMICO, Medical City and Purefoods to name a few.

Thermal Imaging

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₱ 8,228.00

per person (inclusive of snacks, lunch, computer hands-on and certification)

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Designed to provide you effective, competent and practical approach to infrared thermography.

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